Top 10 Best Golf GPS Watches

Which is the best GPS golf watch to purchase in 2015? If you are a professionals or novice golfer and grappling in this dilemma, there are several attributes you should look out for to increase your chances of finding the best.

Instead of choosing the cheapest watch or a celebrity-endorsed model making rounds online, fit is of primary importance. The model you choose should be comfortable to wear and made of non-toxic materials that will not irritate your skin.

It should also be easy to use, have advanced features that improve golfing experience, and have quality parts that last long. Currently, the top 10 best golf GPS watches that meet this threshold include.

10. Bushnell Neo XS GPS Watches

Bushnell Neo XS is a light and comfortable GPS golf watch that comes preloaded with over 33000 gold courses in over 30 countries. The courses are detailed, easy to use, and do not require download fees or a membership fee to accesses. Once you get you acquire an original watch, all you have to do is use its built in Auto Course Recognition system to load your preferred course and explore what is available. This watch also has an Auto Hole Advance feature, an easy to read screen that displays detailed metrics including distances to holes and hazard distances to name a few. You also get a USB cable for charging, changing or updating course, and synchronizing data between devices, and a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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9. SkyCaddie Golf GPS Watch

Loaded with up to 30000 preloaded, updatable, and high precision worldwide course maps, SkyCaddie is an advanced gold GPS watch with a large and easy to read front. It is comfortable, does not require subscription and or annual fees to use, and currently considered among the most accurate and recommended model for both novice and experienced golfers. For an affordable one-off fee, you get a durable and waterproof GPS watch with a built-in stopwatch, a digital scoring board, and a well-calibrated system that measures shot distances accurate. You also get a scratch-resistant back lit screen and a built-in odometer for tracking speed, laps, distance, pace location, and even calories burnt when golfing, biking, or jogging at home.

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8. Garmin Approach S1 GPS Golf Watch


A manufacturing powerhouse in the smart watch niche, Garmin is also a major player in the GPS watch niche with its Approach SI watch ranking among the best products in the market. It is durable, has an IPX7 waterproof rating, and a high sensitivity GPS receiver that connects sensitively to GPS satellites. This golf watch has a large 1-inch monochrome LCD display. It comes preloaded with more than 14000 gold courses in Canada and the United States, and has a technologically advanced system that provides accurate yardage to middle, back, and front of the green. Other notable features are its high-capacity battery (3-weeks in watch mode and 8-hours in GPS mode), ergonomic design, and its accurate built-in odometer, time, and alarm.

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7. Garmin Approach S3 GPS Golf Watch

Light, stylish, and with a comfortable and ergonomic design, Garmin Approach S3 is an advanced high-performance GPS golf watch that comes loaded with over 27000 worldwide golf courses. All courses are accurate, true to size, and offers free lifetime course updates without charging premium monthly or annual subscription fees. Off the box, it ships ready to use. It is also durable, has a glove-friendly high-resolution touchscreen display that does not scratch easily, and displays several additional metrics that will improve how you perform on the golf course. Its green view feature, for instance, displays the shape of green with a touch and move pin for highlighting the day’s location. You can also use it identify hazards, keep a record of your scores, track how far you are hitting, and customize distances for a beret golfing experience.

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6. GolfBuddy GB8-VT3-14 Smart Golf Watch

For those on the market for a news god watch, GolfBuddy GB8-VT3-14 is a premium-grade accessory with over 37000 pre-loaded golf courses. It is light and comfortable, features a smart golf range finder, and a large touchscreen display that eases setup and usage when playing a game of golf. With this watch, you will be able to pinpoint placement, calculate distances, and identify hazards in courses. You also get a well-designed digital scorecard for four players, a powerful GPS tracking module, and a versatile clip-on design that fits on visors, belts, and even reverts.

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5. TomTom Golfer

Favored in top 10 best gold GPS watches reviews, TomTom Golfer is a simple yet functional GPS watch that grants users access to the latest course data, calculates distances, and helps users to hit approach shots with limited golfing know-how. This watch ships ready to use. Its slim and light design fits comfortably, while its affordability, relative ease of use, and high battery capacity makes it an ideal day-to-day watch. Its well-built scratch resistant touchscreen has aesthetic graphics. You also get a digital scorecard, a sensitive GPS adapter, and an adjustable rubber strap.

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4. Bushnell NEO-X Golf GPS Rangefinder Watch


Specially designed for range finding, Bushnell NEO-X is a well built and ready to use GPS-enabled golf watch that comes preloaded with 30000 worldwide golf course. It has a powerful GPS adapter that connects sensitively to GPS satellites, a thin and ultra-light design, and a high-capacity battery that powers it for up to three rounds of golf on a single charge. Once setup and a golf course loaded, this watch computes distances accurately (front, center, and back). It has auto hole and course recognition, one-button shot distance measurement, and a mini USB port with cable that you can use to update course on demand, charge the watch, and synchronize stored data between devices. You get a 1-year limited warranty with each purchase.

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3. Callaway GPSync Golf Watch

Callaway GPSync is a handy golf watch powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery. It fits comfortably in the hand, is durable, and one of the most sought after products in top 10 best golf GPS watches reviews for its array of innovative features. Its over 30000 preloaded worldwide courses, for instance, are clear and updatable. Its course recognition features is functional, while its short and hole advance features and built in odometer help users to play better golf and live active and healthier lives.

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2. GolfBuddy GB-WT3 Golf GPS/Rangefinder Watch

GolfBuddy GB-WT3 is a watch that doubles as a rangefinder and a GPS receiver. It is dark-themed, generates target and hazard information, and has a well-designed and waterproof rubberized body, ideal for outdoor use. It supports pin placement, comes with 36000 preloaded world courses, and does not charge subscription fees.

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1. GolfBuddy WT4 GPS Watch

Topping our review of the best GPS watches, GolfBuddy WT4 is a dynamic slim-design watch with over 37000 world courses. All courses are accessible free, updatable and have detailed features that enable users to track hazards and generate full targets information. You also get a scoreboard, a sensitive GPS tracking feature, and green view feature that supports pin placement.

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