Top 10 Best Maternity Support Belts

Even though celebrated, pregnancy is a complicate process that comes with its share of problems. Back, hip, and abdominal pain, for instance, is a common occurrence particularly to women who have gained a lot of pregnancy weight, have higher than normal levels of amniotic fluid, and or spend most of their time standing or working. If you are part of this statistic, and want to have a comfortable and safe pregnancy, one of the best doctor-recommended products to own is maternity support belt. They improve posture, lower pain associated with complications such as pelvic girdle and pubis dysfunction, and ease pregnancy overall, even to first time mothers. For the best experience, here is a detailed review of the top 10 maternity support belts to purchase:

10. It’s You Babe Mini Cradle, Small


It’s You Babe Mini Cradle is a doctor-recommended maternity belt for managing abdominal discomfort and back pain commonly associated with pregnancy. It is durable, made of a light, comfortable, and flexible material, and has three sets of hook and eye closures that ease usage. When worn, this mini cradle lifts the weight of the baby from the pelvis, improving blood circulation, and reducing ankle and leg stress and swelling. It is affordable, lays flats under clothing, and therefore, is a suitable belt for commuting to work or the mall or socializing outdoors without attracting attention.

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9. Maternity Belt – NEOtech Care Brand

NEOtech care maternity belt band is a comfortable and fully adjustable maternity belt, designed to grow with a pregnant mother’s growing tummy. The multilayer laminate cotton and nylon material used to make it is light and durable. It is also breathable, has for elastic side panels for additional compression, and an innovative abdominal lift attachment system that offers maximum lift without unnecessary pressure. If you develop abdominal and lumber pains often due to pregnancy, this one of a kind belt will serve you excellently. It is easy to use, doctor approved, and relatively easy to use.

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8. Baby Belly Band Maternity Support Belt


Made of 100% soft, washable, and durable spandex and neoprene fabric, Baby Belly Band is a USA-made maternity support band with easy to use hook all Velcro closures. It is supportive, does not sag nor lose its shape over time, and has a sleek and uniquely versatile design that works well for women of all ages and sizes. When in use, this band supports the back and abdomen well. It also supports the hip, lowers risk of maternity-induced hernias, and comes with add-on groin and shoulder bands for added support and comfort. It is affordable, easy to use, and best for regular usage.

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7. It’s You Babe V2 Supporter

V2 Supporter of the renowned It’s You Babe line of maternal accessories is a premium grade belt that supports and compresses safely. It is also comfortable, fully adjustable, enthusiastically recommended by doctors and other health professionals, and has an advanced easy on and off design. It’s You Babe V2 Supporter has a 28-35-inch below belly hip measurement.

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6. Maternity Belt Back Support Belly Band Pregnancy Belt

Favored in top 10 best maternity support belts reviews, this maternity belt band is an advanced pregnancy accessory that offers superior back and abdominal support. It is fully adjustable to accommodate a woman’s growing abdomen, constructed using a durable cotton, nylon, and laminate fabric, and has four elastic side panels for added compression without sacrificing breathability. This maternity belt is safe, easy to use, and comes with a built-in support hold that prevents it from rolling and or losing its shape or functionality when worn. It will serve you well for months.

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5. Maternity Pregnancy Support Belt/Brace

For those on the market for quality pregnancy support belts, Maternity Pregnancy Support Belt/Brace among the best. Made of a multi-layered laminate and a soft nylon and cotton lining, it is durable and comfortable. It is also non-irritant; has easy to use rubber bones and Velcro closures; and built in supports that prevent it from rolling or losing shape when worn. Instead of spending hefty amounts of money on massages, buy this original maternal belt to solve several pregnancy-related complications.

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4. Gabrialla Elastic Maternity Belt

Made of 80% polyester and 20% Lycra, Gabriella is flexible maternal belt, built for women with pre-existing back or abdominal problems and those expecting multiple babies. It is supportive, comfortable, and easy to use. It is also affordable, adjusts with growing tummies, and stabilizes weakened hip areas well to lower the sharp pain most pregnant women grapple with. Gabrialla is doctor-recommended. When in use, it lays comfortably on the body and does not impede motion as some poorly built belts do.

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3. OPTP Maternity SI-LOC S/M

OPTP SI-LOM is an ergonomic medium-sized maternity belt that supports SI joints well during pregnancy and pelvic muscles after birth. It is lightweight, adjustable, and made of a breathable fabric that fits pelvises up to 36-inches. Even though cheap, it is durable, reliable, and ideal for everyday use.

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2. Gabrialla Elastic Maternity Support Belt


As most products on this, Gabriella is a well-made elastic maternal support belt, best loved for its array of innovative features. In top 10 best maternity support belts reviews, for instance, its affordability, ability to correct balance and posture, and ability to stop development of unsightly stretchmarks have made it a sought-after product. The 46% nylon, 36% cotton, and 18% Lycra fabric used to make it is durable, while its adjustable size stretches with growing tummies. Gabrialla Elastic is comfortable, safe, and has a large back pocket for doing cold and hot therapies.

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1. Soft Form Maternity Support Belt

Topping our list of the best maternal belts in 2015, Soft Form is a comfortable, premium accessory with a universal 6-14-inch dress size. It manages hip and back pain well. It supports abdominal and lumber regions well and has a novel fully adjustable design that grows with users. This belt is latex-free, easy to use, and made of quality fabrics.

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