Top 10 Best Motorcycle Covers

Motorcycle Covers

Motorcycle Covers riding exposes your bike to harsh elements. Unfavorable weather conditions such as heat and precipitation can sometimes compromise the outer design of your bike. Like other vehicles, there are covers designed to safeguard your bike against harsh weather conditions. With these covers, you do not have to spend long hours wiping your bike until it gleams and shines.

These covers come in multiple models that feature varied style, design and material. However, if you want to buy the best, you should consider the following top 10 motorcycle covers.

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10. Nelson-Rigg MC-904-02-MD Deluxe All-Season Cover

Motorcycle Covers

This deluxe cover is designed to withstand the harsh outdoor conditions. The cover is made from Tri-Max Polyester. It is highly impenetrable to water and is treated to resist the harmful effects of the sun’s Ultra-Violet rays. The cover incorporates air vents that minimize condensation and facilitate good air circulation. This cover is highly durable and features great resistance to scratches. It is designed to fit medium motorcycles that incorporate an engine of less than 750cc. Also it can accommodate standard motorcycles with an engine capacity of 125-600cc.

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9. TMS XXlarge Black Waterproof Motorcycle Dust Storage


This is a versatile motorcycle cover designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It come in an extra-large size measuring 104 x 41 x 49 inches. The cover is crafted from high-grade 180T fabric. This fabric is lightweight and highly resistant to scratches. It features excellent water resistance and comes with small air vents to lessen the effects of condensation. The cover is UV-treated to protect against the heat from the sun. The included cord allows the cover to fit tightly and the hooks hold it in place to prevent it from being blown off by the wind. The cover is designed to fit various motorcycle brands that include Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Harley Davidson.

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8. Deluxe all season Motorcycle cover (XXL) Black


This cover is designed to fit those large motorcycle brands. The cover measures 108 inches long and is made of durable polyester. The inner lining is soft to prevent scratches on your bike. It does not allow water entry and is UV-treated for excellent protection against the sun’s heat. The package includes a bag that allows for convenient storage and transportation. This cover is designed to fit cruiser, Chopper and Tourer motorcycles.

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7. Dowco 50124-00 Guardian WeatherAll Plus Motorcycle


This cover is perfectly engineered for use on most sport bikes. The cover measures 15.6 x 12 x 5 inches and protects your bike from all weather conditions. The fabric is highly resistant to heat and does not crack in cold weather. The advanced vent mechanism enables moisture to escape freely so as to minimize condensation and build up of fungi. The cord allows the cover to fit snugly on your bike. The cover is secured in place by a strap to prevent any unwanted movement.

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6. Heavy Duty Motorcycle cover (XXL)


Measuring up to 108 inches long, this cover provides a perfect fit for large bikes. The cover is made from an all-weather heavy-duty polyester that guarantees long-term use. The cover is waterproof and perfectly treated to withstand the effect of Ultra-violet rays. A cover fits cruiser, Tourer and Chopper models. It incorporates a backpack that allows it to be stored and transported more conveniently.

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5. Dowco 50004-02 Guardian WeatherAll Plus


This is an extra-large motorcycle cover designed for the larger tourer and cruiser models. The cover is constructed from a light and durable fabric. The fabric is coated with a heat resistant and water-repellent material. This enables it to be used in any kind of weather. The air vents serve to minimize condensation and promote free air flow. The included cord and strap offers a more tight fit to withstand windy conditions.

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4. Classic Accessories 73877 MotoGear Deluxe


This motorcycle cover is suited for both indoor and outdoor environment. It incorporates a premium quality fabric that protects against all weather conditions. The coating on the fabric renders it highly resistant to heat. It minimizes any signs of fading and offers excellent waterproofing. The incorporated air vents facilitate moisture escape to prevent condensation and fungal growth. This cover fits cruiser models measuring up to 102 inches long.

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3. Dowco 26010-00 Guardian UltraLite Gray Medium


This cover is made from the renown ClimaShield fabric. This fabric is well treated to withstand Ultra-Violet rays. It is durable enough to serve you for long without showing any signs of fading. The cover features an advanced vent mechanism that allows free escape of moisture. This cover is waterproof and comes with an elastic cord the secures it tightly on the bike.

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2. Dowco 50002-02 Guardian WeatherAll Plus


This is an ideal cover for those small bikes that lack windshields. The cover is made of premium quality fabric and coated with aluminum for enhanced heat resistance. It protects against water entry and comes with air vents for free moisture escape. This is one of the few covers that incorporate an advanced alarm system. This offers you peace of mind knowing that your bike is safe and well-protected.

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1. Nelson-Rigg MC-903-04-XL Burgundy X-Large


Made from durable Tri-Max Polyester, this cover is designed to be heat resistant and highly repellent to water. The cover can be used in any environment, both indoor and outdoor. It features a retention cord that allows for a tight fit. The cover is vented to facilitate moisture escape and prevent build up of mildew and molds. It is scratch resistant and performs well in minimizing condensation. The cover is designed to fit extra large models with an engine capacity of over 1000cc. Also, it can be used on standard bikes having an engine capacity of 650-1100cc.

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