Top 10 Best Natural Ant Killers (Guide) – 2018 Reviews

Are ants disturbing and destroying your product to an extent of thinking of moving out of your place? Natural ant killer products give you an opportunity to experience freshness and freeness from ants. This article provides you with a great insight of the top rated natural ant killers because of their environment friendly features, working great qualities and durability in use.


Terro 2 oz. liquid anti killer.

10. Terro 2 oz. liquid anti killer.
This item works by attracting and killing all common household ants that damage your property. It slowly kills them by allowing foraging ants enough time to deliver the product to the colony and the queen. Apple or place it near ant trails or where ants are numerous. Ants carry this product thinking it is food and brings it to the colony’s queen hence killing them all.

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Bifen XTS 25.1 % bifenthrin insecticide.

9. Bifen XTS 25.1 % bifenthrin insecticide.
The insecticide penetrates through porous surfaces where boring bark beetles such as black mountain pine beetles, black turpentine beetles, southern pine beetles, engraver beetles and western pine tip beetles. Not only gets rid of beetles but also termites, ants and many more lawn and garden insects. It has a fast-acting synthetic pyrethroid low odor and quick down to those disturbing insects.

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EcoRaider ant killer and crawling insect killer.

8. EcoRaider ant killer and crawling insect killer.
It is a natural and non-toxic ant and crawling insect killer product that quickly eliminates invasive household insects without using synthetic pesticides toxins. Features a pleasant citrus scent and may be appropriate for either indoor or outdoor use. Has active ingredients that are organically extracted and enhanced botanical insecticidal compounds which are similar to essential oils. It is effective on even pesticide resistant insect populations. Works with micro scale particles of active ingredients that penetrate the exoskeleton and attack the neuron receptor causing quick paralysis and death of the insect. It is safe to use around children pets dish and birds.

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Ortho home defense MAX insect killer.

7. Ortho home defense MAX insect killer.
This product works by creating a big barrier for ants, spiders, roaches, or any other invading insect. You simply plug in the comfort wand and with one touch you can eliminate and protect against pests. It gives you protection up to 12 months control of termite, ants, roaches and many other invading insects. The product gives you an opportunity to stay free from disturbing and destroying ants.

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Raid ant and roach killer insecticide.

6. Raid ant and roach killer insecticide.
It kills insects instantly once it has been in contact with the body. It gets rid of all insects in up to 4 weeks after one spray. No lingering chemical odor that is present in the product making it fragrance-free and environment friendly. Has unscented formula that utilizes a revolutionary new water base technology that maintains effectiveness and improves odors and also leaving behind less oily residue.

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Spectracide triazicide insect killer.

5. Spectracide triazicide insect killer.
Comes in granule form that kills insects that move above and below the ground. It helps to protect your home from invading ants, armyworms, billbugs, grubs, roaches, sod webworms, fire ants, crickets and any other disturbing insect.

Recommends you use it outdoor on lawns and as a band treatment around your house foundation. It treats up to 12500 square feet. Put into action this brand by broadcasting it to suspicious and areas known to have the disturbing insects.

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ORTHO 12-orthene fire ant killer.

4. ORTHO 12-orthene fire ant killer.
The brand makes easy terminating fire ants from your lawn by just sprinkling one tablespoon over a mound where it starts exterminating ants in small hours.

Destroys the whole mound and the queen in three days. Effectiveness of this product is enhanced by its 50% acephate content that does not require water to give results.

One container allows you to treat up to 80 mounds in your yard with reduced odor of functioning. Get excellent and significant results by clearing insects that stink, bite and also destroy your property using this product.

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Terro anti killer baits.

3. Terro anti killer baits.
The product is prefilled and ready to use to stop existing and coming insects in your environment using this great product. When you follow the instructions given properly expect visible results within a short period of time. It is safe for children since it has biodegradable and nontoxic ingredients that influence its effectiveness.

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Safer brand 51703 diatomaceous earth bed bug, flea, and ant crawling insect killer.

2. Safer brand 51703 diatomaceous earth bed bug, flea, and ant crawling insect killer.
This brand is 100% ideal for killing fleas, millipedes, centipedes, cockroaches, bed bugs, ant’s, earwigs, cricket silverfish, and mites. It kills the insect by ingestion and or dehydration within 46 hours after application. You need not think of walking away from your home because this product offers you with indoor and outdoor use to clear and get rid of those insects in your environment.

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Terro T100-12 liquid anti killer.

1. Terro T100-12 liquid anti killer.
it is specifically formulated to allow ants that work to consume it and survive long enough so as to carry the liquid back to the nest and deliver a doss to the rest of the colony. Gets rid of ghost ants, white footed ants, sweet eating ants, odorous house ants, little back ants, cornfield ants, and argentine ants that do not give you peace in your surrounding. It attracts very fast and works slowly giving you results to perfection by killing visible and invisible insects in the surrounding.

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Never get worried of ants, crawling insects and many other invading insects in your house because the above mentioned brands give you protection all through.

Greatness and safety are promised by this quality and nontoxic products. Consider having comfortable environment by purchasing and applying either of these brands that are worth your cash that you are about to spend. Pricing is affordable according to your needs

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