Top 10 Best Padded Shorts

Do you cycle for fun or as a profession? Are you looking for a durable well-padded short that not only fits comfortably, but can also protect you from bruises or injuries in the event of an accident? While most available products are functional and made of premium materials using breakthrough technologies, a few notable ones stand out. These top 10 best models, for instance, are durable. They are also comfortable; easy to use; and have attracted positive attention in top 10 best padded shorts reviews.

10. Barnett FS-06 Padded Compression Shorts

Starting our review of the best-padded shorts in 2015, Barnett FS-06 is a premium grade compression short, attainable in youth and adult sizes. It is durable, padded for comfort, and has advanced safety features that protect the thighs, hips, and the tailbone. Barnett FS-06 fits several brands and sizes of groin cups. It is breathable and light, made of a non-irritant and machine-washable fabric, and is perfect for use when cycling and engaging in contact sports such as rugby, basketball, and football.

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9. Triple Eight T8 Bumsaver

The T8 Bumsaver by Triple Eight is a form-fitting and well-padded short made of a comfortable and flexible fabric. It is soft, made using skin-safe EVA foam, and offers greater support for the tailbone and hip areas of the body for optimal safety. Whether you like in line skateboarding, snowboarding, or cycling, it will serve you well for long without restricting your movement. Out of the box, the Bumsaver ships ready to use. It is light, attainable cheaply in many stores, and offers ultimate protection for the rear.

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8. Funkier Bike Men’s Padded Cycling Undershorts

Designed for male riders, this padded under short by Funkier Bike is a stylish, high performance accessory made of 89% polyester and 11% spandex. It is light and comfortable. It is also breathable, a perfect match for buggy cycling shorts, and has sturdy, extra wide silicon leg grippers that prevents it from rolling or losing its shape when engaging in high impact sporting activities. Even though cheap, this short is supportive, features a quality Funkier Chamois, and one of the best for everyday use.

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7. Shock Doctor Youth Ultra Shockskin 5-Pad

A recommended product in top 10 best padded shorts reviews, Shock Doctor is a youthful-looking sport short made of vented foam pads and a light shockskin fabric. The fabric is durable, stretches four way (side and backs) for comfort and a custom fit, and an extended five-pad system that offers superior protection to the tailbones, the thighs, and hips when it is in use. This short has potent antimicrobial properties. It absorbs shock, wicks moisture excellently, and is easy to wash and maintain.

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6. Demon Women’s Flex Force Pro Snowboard Shorts

Demon Women’s Flex Force is a professional-grade padded short for sport designed for female snowboarders. The 90% polyester and 10% Lycra spandex material used to manufacture it is light, flexible, and durable. It also absorbs shock well, has a novel feminine cut and trim, and a removable Air Shield foam that boosts its functionality significantly. For safety, this short has a heavy-duty tailbone pad. It offers heightened compression and protection and works reliably without affecting user’s movements.

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5. Alpinestars Bionic Freeride Shorts

Alpinestars Bionic is an extra-large freeride short with a durable Lycra mesh shell and base construction. For heightened impact absorption and user protection against bruises and injuries, it has hard PU inserts. It also has reinforced tailbone and thigh areas, vented foam padding, and a form fitting design that boosts comfort and performance. For those with a tight budget, this short is affordable. It is available in several waist sizes and is ideal for riding, skiing, and other high impact sports.

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4. Silver Lining Padded Lycra Shorts


Light and durable, Silver Lining is a premium sports accessory made using a padded Lycra fabric. It is comfortable; attainable in eight sizes in two interesting colors, and has a well-padded construction that absorbs shock in the event of an accident. The tailbone and hip areas have comfortable padding that prevent injuries. As most high-end shorts, Silver Lining is light, true to size, and fits comfortably under skating shorts.

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3. Anself Protective Hip Pad Shorts Ski Skate

If you are shopping for a new ski short and want a stylish ultra-padded model that is also ideal for snowboarding and other contact sports, Anself Protective is an ideal accessory. It compresses well; offers superior drop resistance, and has EVA padding that protect the tailbone, thighs, and other vulnerable areas. It has a strong elastic band for a secure fit; a breathable cotton lining that does not irritate or stick to the skin, and a durable hand-washable design.

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2. Shortie Short Black Pearl Padded Bike Shorts


For bikers looking for novel protective shorts for regular usage, Shortie Short Black Pearl is a recommended product in top 10 best padded shorts reviews for its superior Aero Tech design. It promotes aerodynamics, made of a flexible 84% nylon and 16% spandex, and has comfortable 5-inch seams that do not dig into the skin. This short has a Black pearl crotch pad. It supports muscles without restricting movement and has an innovative tricot knit design that wicks sweat well and dries fast when washed.

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1. Crash Pads Pro-Pant with Tail Shield

Designed for moderate and aggressive activities, Crash Pads Pro-Pant is our pick for the best-padded short in the market. Its slim design fits comfortably on the hips and thighs, is supportive, works well under exercise shorts, and has soft pads over the tailbone. You also get a removable plastic shield for additional safety.

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