Top 10 Best Pickleball Paddles 2017 Reviews


Pickleball is a fairly popular game. In the US alone, there are over 15,000 courts for it. Pickleball combines elements of ping-pong, tennis, and badminton. If you enjoy playing these three games, then pickleball should be familiar, or at the very least easy to learn. A pickleball paddle is to pickleball what a tennis racket is to tennis.

Choosing the right paddle is a skill we have mastered and made life easy for you by summarizing the top ten best pickleball paddles in 2017.

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Amazin’ Aces-Bainbrigde Series Paddle

10. Amazin' Aces-Bainbrigde Series Paddle

This paddle is a complex blend of lightweight aluminum, graphite, and fiberglass. It is very light, which some beginners can have trouble with because a heavier paddle is easier to handle. However, it simply takes getting used to because of the lighter a pickleball paddle the better. The handle is designed for a good, tight grip which is a wonderful feature of the product. The best thing about this product is that the price is excellent for such a quality creation.

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Pickleball Central- Rally Tyro Advanced Bundle

9. Pickleball Central- Rally Tyro Advanced Bundle

Opt for this product if you are buying for two as it comes in a set complete with two paddles and four pickleball. For the cheap price you save a ton rather than buying for each person individually. This is great as you can both get to test the product and how well each one of you plays with it. It has a polymer core and its top material is made from polycarbonate material.

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Pickleball Central-Rally Graphite Power

8. Pickleball Central-Rally Graphite Power

This product comes in blue, green and red. It has an extra large face which is great for catching the ball, especially for beginners. It’s core made from a thick polymer for maximum bounce. The handle has moisture control such that if you’re nervously playing on a hot sunny outdoor arena, you are covered and can still ace the game.

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Rally Meister Wood Pickleball

7. Rally Meister Wood Pickleball

If you are buying for two and prefer wood as your chosen material, this is the item to go for. It comes with two wooden paddles alongside four pickleball. Wood is a popular material used by pickleball players and this is because of its lightweight nature. Weight is one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to pickleball paddles. This is because a light paddle will make your performance longer and better.

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Pickleball Central-Kanga Wood Pickleball Paddles

6. Pickleball Central-Kanga Wood Pickleball Paddles

As you might have already noticed, Pickleball Central is an excellent producer of a variety of pickleball. This is one made from maple, with a perforated handle increasing the grip during play. It also has a safety wrist wrap. This product is a bundled product that comes with 4 balls.

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Onix Graphite Z5

5. Onix Graphite Z5

This paddle is excellent for pros. It lightly touches the ball but has a strong enough bounce. It is both powerful and fast which is important for competitors and hard to find with such a light paddle. Pickleball Paddles is not the lowest on the list, but low enough for a professional pickleball player. The grip is great and the grip length is suitable for most players with average height.

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Amazin Aces Graphite Paddles

4. Amazin Aces Graphite Paddles

This paddle is one of strength. The graphite makes sure that your paddle does not develop any dents over time. This makes it durable and value for your money. This protective surface extends to the handle which protects your paddle against falls on the court. It has a large surface area for maximum control. It has an edge guard around the surface of the face which most pros know can really save you from dropping a ball or missing it by a few inches.

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Pickleball Central-Rally Graphite

3. Pickleball Central-Rally Graphite

The closer we get to number one on this list, the more we hear about graphite, and that’s for a reason. Graphite combines low weight with power. Its graphite exterior covers a Nomex core which won’t dent. It is suitable for beginners to intermediate players, is USAPA certified. The paddle is versatile and can be used well for both indoor and outdoor games.

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Upstreet Graphite Pickleball Paddles

2. Upstreet Graphite Pickleball Paddles

Upstreet take the paddle-making business very seriously and carefully inspect their paddle for weak spots just so you can have the best playing experience. They have such confidence that they claim their paddles can operate debt free for a full 12 months of use. On this, they are not wrong. Their paddles have soft edges, are durable and have a large desirable surface.

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Amazin Aces Wood Pickleball

1. Amazin Aces Wood Pickleball

This bundled set from Amazin Aces comes with two paddles, four balls and a mesh bag for carrying your balls. At $27 this is a steal and an offer we highly recommend you take advantage of as soon as you can. You get world class quality gear at a price that’s hard to beat. The face is made from layered maple to ensure durability and to enhance your performance at the court.

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The review above has provided a broad spectrum of options available to you budding and professional pickleball players out there. For beginners, choose a paddle like Pickleball Central’s Rally Graphite. Don’t worry if the paddle seems to light at first, like we’ve already mentioned, this lightweight nature is gold. If you are a heavy user, avoids paddles like the Bainbridge series of paddles from Amazin’ Aces as its made from aluminum which has been known to dent easily. Make sure you go over the product specifications and pick the right choice for you.

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