Top 10 Best Portable Camping Showers

When going out camping, one of the major daily necessities you will want to cover is showering. Just because you’re out in the wilderness, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the comforts of a nice, hot shower. Portable camping showers come in many varieties and models, but have the same function: to give you that familiar experience that you’d normally get indoors.

Look for portable camp showers that are durable, and made from high quality materials such as PVC. Capacity size is an important factor to balance. Too big, and it will be more difficult to carry around. If it’s too small, it will not have enough water for a proper shower. Consider your personal needs and get one that is just right. Another type of portable shower device are those that are simply shower heads and do not come with their own water storage. These ones allow you to use your own water bucket or other container. Besides that, look for ones that heat up quickly and have high pressure. Nozzle options, battery efficiency, and versatile power options are key as well.

Here are the top 10 best portable camp showers.

10. Ivation Battery-Powered Handheld Portable Shower

This budget-friendly handheld shower is super convenient for many different occasions. In addition to being a great option for camping trips, it can be used to clean your deck, car, or even wash your pets. It features a unique charging mechanism, using direct USB charging for its portable battery. By connecting its pump into a water container, you can get direct pressure straight into the nozzle. It comes equipped with a built-in filtration system and has a water resistant power switch.

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9. Nemo HelioTM Pressure Shower

One of the major problems that many portable showers face is inadequate pressure, which this model from Nemo fixes. This bulky, yet effective pump provides excellent pressure to shower more comfortably, without having to rest the pump overhead to let gravity do the work. It comes with an 11 liter tank, with a 7 foot hose made from neoprene. The intuitive foot pump provides constant water pressure without the risk of over-inflating. This model comes in both grey and blue colors.

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8. Ring Portable Shower


With an inexpensive price point, this pump is effective and simple. It comes with a pump with a connected hose and shower nozzle. The adjustable water flow allows you to get the pressure just right. It uses 4 D cell batteries, or can be powered up via 12v car plug. Along with these standard features, it includes a handy storage bag, suction cup, and shower holder.

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7. Advanced Elements 3 Gallon Summer Shower

This inexpensive model from Advanced Elements features a standard bag design. It is ideal for any type of hiking, huting, fishing and other outdoor trips. It has a modest 2-1/2 gallon water capacity. This smaller capacity is designed to heat water faster with its solar heating capabilities, making it more effective for just one or two uses. It uses a durable construction material and features a water temperature gauge for convenience. There are velcro straps for holding soap and shampoo as well.

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6. ZODI Outback Gear Extreme SC Hot Shower

If you’re interested in a more long-term, high-end solution, this model from ZODI is a great pickup. It uses a 1-piece hand pump to pressurize the water flow without requiring any other sources of energy. This reduces its dependence on other power sources such as your car or other large batteries. The stainless steel water tank contains a 10,000 BTU burner which can heat water to 100 degrees Fahrenheit quickly. It comes with a 6 foot shower hose and shower head as well. In fact, the burner can also be used as a cooking stove.

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5. Ivation Multipurpose Portable Spray Washer w/ Water Tank

Made for more than just portable showers, this model from Ivation is excellent for numerous tasks. These include portable camp showers, cleaning vehicles, and washing your deck, patio or driveway. It’s powered via a rechargeable 12V battery, car port or home plug. It has a powerful 60 watt diaphragm motor pump and a continuous trigger nozzle. The reservoir has a 4.5 gallon capacity and the flexible hose extends up to 19.6 feet.

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4. ZODI Outback Gear Hot Tap Travel Shower

This model from ZODI is an ideal purchase if you’re seeking a compromise between the expensive, high-end heated models and one with better portability and cheaper price. It is totally self-contained, allowing you to set up a portable, hot shower station anywhere. It attaches to an included propane cylinder or tank. This lets it heat up water much quicker than other solar bagged models. The 6 volt water pump uses push button ignition, and the 8 foot hose ensures you have enough space to freely move about. The water temperatures can reach up to 100 degrees F.

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3. Unlimited Quantity Com Portable Water Pump & Shower

Ideal for camping trips and other outdoor activities, this portable powered shower unit is very effective. It works like other standard pump models by connecting it to a water source. It has a simple to use on/off button and it provides pressurized water in mere seconds. It comes provided with a suction hook and s-hook for mounting. It is powered via 12v DC, and has a lightweight design.

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2. Coghlan’s Promithi Camp Shower Solar Heated Shower

For a budget friendly model, Coghlan’s doesn’t disappoint with this inexpensive and lightweight PVC camp shower. The non toxic PVC material is highly durable, and it can hold enough water for 3 to 4 showers (5 gallons). It is compact and simple to use by simply hanging it up and using the spray nozzle. One unique feature that this particular model has is its solar heated. This ensures that your showers are at a comfortable temperature.

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1. Cartman PVC Solar Camp Shower 5 Gallon Capacity


If you’re looking for something simpler than previous models, this portable camp shower is a great choice. With a 5 gallon water capacity, it comes in a perfect size that is designed with portability in mind. It works by hanging it with its handle, so it can use gravity as a source of pressure. It is made from a durable PVC that is moisture and tear resistant. It comes with a separate fill cap, and on/off valve and only weighs 14 ounces

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