The Best Racquetball Racquet


How can an inexperienced racquetball player select the best racquetball racquets? Well, that is impossible. We know that racquets come in different shapes, grips, and weights and so we don’t want you to make guesswork when shopping the best items for you and so this article will help you get your perfect item.

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The various features to consider when purchasing a new racquetball racquet

Shape of the racquet

Larger head size means more power will your racquet generate. The size of racquet head can vary, large heads will offer your larger sweet spots and this makes easier for beginners to return or serve the ball.

Shape of the grip

The shape of the grip is personal preference and if you want to determine the best one for you, then you need to do the demonstration before buying one.

Type of grip

A smaller grip will enable you have faster wrist action and enable you to have more power while a larger grip will permit you more of your hand to be into contact with your racquet and even allow for more control and also better feel.

Grip size

If you need maximum wrist snap, then smaller grip size is your choice since it will translate power potential according to on your skill level. If you have larger hands, it will make sense if you select larger grip size.


Weight will after your power, control as well as maneuverability. If you are a player who generates your own power, then you need to prefer lightweight racquet. Also, medium swing weight is easiest for anyone to select and use.


The balance will define the initial feel of your racquet in your hand before you hit a ball. The Even balance will give you a balance of power and control and racquet with even balance is ideal for customization.


You need to select a price range which will work for you and stick with it and models from previous years are the best option to save green and even get a high-end racquet.


All racquet in all racquet sports can lose some string tension as you use them. If you notice reduced power or tension, then thee obvious thing is that your string has lost some tension and you simply need to replace them.

Top 5 Best Racquetball Racquets

5. HEAD MX Hurricane Racquetball Pack

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You need to release your power with this hurricane Racquetball pack. It includes two Penn balls, a pair of head eye guard and MX hurricane metallic racquet. With this racquet, you will be able to enhance your power with the increased head speed at impact. The power zone string pattern will provide you with maximum power and offer unique vibration dampening qualities. Thanks to quick maneuverability that will give you quicker reaction time and so you will get fastest on-court action and the pro grip synthetic grip will offer you a naturally tacky feel for excellent grip. It has been constructed to be stronger, stiffer and even more powerful.

4. MacGregor Scholastic Racquet

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This is a perfect racquet for beginners and it is lightweight and comfortable to the grip. It is great for recreational as well as intramural programs and the powder coated aluminum finish will ensure that your racquet will never show signs of corrosion and also withstand vigorous play. You can now experience a fast paced workout with this racquetball racquet since it is engaged in the high-intensity rally. Its grip is soft and also thick for your comfort and with each swing and it will encourage challenging skill shots. The teardrop-shaped head complete with a multi filament string to make you play with confidence.

3. Deluxe Racquetball Starter Kit (Pack)

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This is a great purchase that includes echelon lightning racquetball racquet, 2-ektelon fireball racquetballs, and python intro eye guards. It is an excellent intermediate racket and it has been constructed to withstand your rigorous use. If you want to start playing or just a casual player, this is the item recommended for you. The strap that holds the goggles stay connected throughout your play. It actually comes with everything you need to start your play and you need to buy two, just one for you and another for your friend who loves racquets. The grip is soft and you’ll feel comfortable when playing.

2. Racquetball Full Size Cover Bag

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If you want to enjoy playing, you need to own this item and it will always ready to hold your racket, glasses, gloves and everything you need to go. It is the perfect item for amateur racquetball player. The bag looks great and durable and it is capable of fitting any size racquet and the side zip-compartment will hold your particulars in place. It is very handy and has been designed for serious players who mean their business. Thanks to the manufacturer who makes this case to be extremely lightweight and so you will easily carry it around. If you understand that it is dangerous to carry a racquet without a cover, then what are you waiting. The two small handles will enable you to carry your bag if you don’t want to carry it on your shoulder.

1. Head i.165 Racquetball Racquet

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This is racquetball racquet that is light yet sturdy enough to withstand your vigorous use. it has a nice grip and you will be hitting the ball well. The stock string is good and it will never show any signs of wear and tear anytime soon and if you are a college student, this is what you need to use during the weekends. It is balanced at the grip and it will provide you with more power. Since it has the lighter feel, you will react fast and enhance your workouts. You will enjoy the larger sweet spot and since you will love this racquetball racquet, you will get big satisfaction and you won’t replace it anytime soon.

This coming weekend, you need to make things look more different that usual. We need you to get out of that sofa right now and start using these best racquetball racquet that we have already select. We don’t want you to waste a lot of time since they are the best products that will enhance your workouts. Their handles are comfortable to hold and you will be playing for the longer time without any discomfort but don’t buy one for yourself, remember your dad and friends, too.

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