Top 10 Best Range Hoods


Tired of the smoke and odor produced from your cooking? If yes, then you should try to incorporate a range hood above your cooking surface. This are inexpensive units that serve to create a fresh and cleaner cooking environment. They are specifically designed to boost air flow, which in turn eliminates smoke and odors. Unlike other types of ventilators, they are more portable and easy to install. These units come in various capacities and sizes to select from. The following is a review of the best range hoods that offer ultimate performance at more affordable costs.

10. Broan 413004 Economy 30″ Two-Speed

Range Hoods

This is a stainless steel unit that spans 30 inches wide. The entire span is covered by a 75-watt lighting bulb. The unit incorporates a replaceable filter that serves to eliminate cooking vapors and odors. Its two-speed fan features a noise level of between 40-45 dB. This makes it fairly quiet fro enhanced comfort.

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9. AKDY New AZ1802 30-Inch Under Cabinet


This unit is constructed from premium quality stainless steel material. It spans 30 inches wide and incorporates two LED lights. These lights are bright enough to efficiently illuminate the cooking area. Instead of a fan, this unit incorporates blowers that feature a low noise level of 65dB for quiet operation. This unit delivers a maximum air flow of 900 cubic feet per minute. It comes with detachable filters that are easy to wash.

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8. Kitchen Bath Collection 30-inch Wall-mounted Stainless Steel Range Hood


This unit comes with durable 304 stainless steel construction. The entire 30-inch wide span incorporates 2 LED lights for effective illumination. The fan speed can be adjusted to low, medium, or high. At high speed, it generates a maximum air flow of 412 cubic feet per minute. The fan features a telescopic height of 28-41 inches. At low speed it generates a noise level of 48dB while at higher speed it generates 58dB of noise. The unit incorporates charcoal filters to eliminate odors and smoke.

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7. Broan QML30SS Under-Cabinet Range Hood


This unit is designed to be mounted beneath your cabinet. It is fabricated from thin stainless steel that renders it lightweight enough for easy handling. The unit spans 30 inches wide and incorporates two halogen lights. The intensity of these 35-watt bulbs can be adjusted over two levels. The unit comes with a 2-speed fan that offers a maximum air flow of 200 cubic feet per minute. The noise level of the fan is rated at 80dB.

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6. Z Line ZLKB36 Stainless-Steel Wall Mount Range Hood


This hood features a 430 stainless steel construction that is coated with a protective film for maximum durability. It measures 36 inches wide and includes two halogen lights. These 20-watt tilting lights serve to illuminate the cook top. This unit incorporates both a blower and a fan. These provide a 4-speed setting that includes SuperQuiet Speed (280CFM), Low Speed (460CFM), Medium Speed (670CFM) and High Speed (760CFM). The chimney height can be adjusted from 26.3- 40 inches.

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5. Broan 413604 Non-ducted Under-Cabinet Hood


This is an elegant looking stainless steel hood that incorporates an overall width of 36 inches. A 75-watt bulb is attached to the unit to provide excellent illumination of the cooking area. The fan speed can be easily adjusted by use of the various controls incorporated in the unit. The hood comes with an advanced filtration mechanism that eliminates any smoke or odors.

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4. Broan 423004 Under-Cabinet Hood, 190 CFM


This is a 30-inch wide unit constructed from premium quality stainless steel. It incorporates a variable speed fan to facilitate good air flow. Enhanced illumination is provided by a 75-watt lighting bulb. This hood offers a maximum air flow of 190 cubic feet per minute. The fan produces 240dB at maximum speed.

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3. Broan QS136SS 36″ Allure Range Hood


This hood measures 36 inches wide. It incorporates two halogen lights that can be regulated using the included switch. The unit features a 2-speed fan. At normal speed, the fan offers a maximum air flow of 110 cubic feet per minute. At the highest speed setting, it generates an air flow of 220 cubic feet per minute. The fan has a minimum noise level of 60dB and a maximum of 200dB.

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2. Golden Vantage Stainless Steel 36″ Euro Style Island


This unit spans 36 inches wide. It is made from quality stainless steel to ensure maximum durability. The unit features two LED lights whose intensity can be varied over three levels. It incorporates a 3-speed fan that offers a maximum air flow of 840 cubic feet per minute. This unit is generally quiet and generates less than 65dB of noise. It comes with an adjustable chimney and a dishwasher safe filter for easy cleanup.

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1. AKDY® 30″ Stainless-Steel Under Cabinet Kitchen


This is a compact sized stainless steel unit that measures 30 inches wide. It features a 3-speed motor, 110-watt motor. The motor is powerful enough to generate a maximum air flow of 200 cubic feet per minute. The unit incorporates a 40-watt bulb that serves to light up the cooking area. The hood comes with grease filters and is backed with a 3-year limited warranty.

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