Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge Flip Cases And Covers Reviews

Galaxy S6 Case, ACEABOVE Samsung Galaxy S6 Wallet Case

Among many accessories for Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, the flip case seems to be one of the most favorite types of cases users have liked. And, more and more users are still looking for it. However, there could be hundreds of them available, making it difficult to choose the best one for your Samsung Galaxy. Nonetheless, to help you have a smarter decision on that, we have compiled those best and top rates flip cases and covers for you to check out.

1. Galaxy S6 Case, ACEABOVE Samsung Galaxy S6 Wallet Case

Galaxy S6 Case, ACEABOVE Samsung Galaxy S6 Wallet Case
Beautifully designed in red and back in a stylish way, if you are looking for the wallet case for your Galaxy S6, you should check out this item from ACEABOVE. In addition to its very attractive design, the case has the best shape that best fits with Galaxy S6 since that is the model it is produced for. The flip cover of this case can also be converted easily to be the kick stand of your phone, and that would make it extremely convenient for users when they have to watch the videos on the phone.

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2. Galaxy S6 Case, roocase Galaxy S6 Wallet Case

Galaxy S6 Case, roocase Galaxy S6 Wallet Case
In terms of the quality material, you are going to experience great thing from this Galaxy S6 wallet case from roocase. It was made from synthetic leather, and it makes the product highly durable and comfortable to hold. For landscape viewing, the flip cover can be easily turned to the stand. With that, you surely can have your watch from your phone at your convenience. Meanwhile, on the internal wall of the flip cover, three slots are attached, and three cards can be stored over there.

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3. Galaxy S6 Case, Case4fun Samsung Galaxy S6

Galaxy S6 Case, Case4fun Samsung Galaxy S6
Designed with the beautiful pink flowers, scattering everywhere on the external wall, this is a very nice case for Samsung Galaxy S6 from Case5fun. As you may have seen in the picture, this case has its own unique charm with those flowers on. However, what that is more important is its great durability as well as the precise fit to Galaxy S6. Beauty and protection are both this case will offer, in short.

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4. Galaxy S6 Case, LK Samsung Galaxy S6 Wallet Case

Galaxy S6 Case, LK Samsung Galaxy S6 Wallet Case
There are two things to describe this case from LK. They are great design and affordable price. With many available colors to use, this case has a very trendy design with three compartments you may three cards in, if have to. At the same time, many users have said they like its designed badly. It just looks very attractive to them. Likewise, its materials are also the ones with very good quality. You will find this case lasting very long to use.

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5. Galaxy S6 Case, TORU

Galaxy S6 Case, TORU
Built to be compatible with only the Galaxy S6, this case has ideal fit with the phone. More interestingly, it has a charming design which is very eye-catching for many users. That is actually one of the unique selling points of the case. Even better, it makes users happy after the purchase since its quality is good, and users can have a smooth and convenient use with the case. A few slots are also built in for storing something like credit card.

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6. Samsung S-View Flip Cover for Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung S-View Flip Cover for Samsung Galaxy S6
Simply designed with a curved cover, this is another type of the flip case for Galaxy S6 that is quite popular these days. With this case on, you can still see the screen without flipping the case on. For another special feature, the case was made from extremely high quality material with smart technology. Even without flipping the cover, you still can swipe to answer your phone call with this case.

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7. Galaxy S6 Case, i-UniK for Samsung Galaxy S6

Galaxy S6 Case, i-UniK for Samsung Galaxy S6
Even smarter for the usefulness, this Galaxy S6 case from i-UniK is the best one. As seen, it is cleverly designed in three sections which one is for the phone while the other two are the slots for your different cards. Differently from the rest, 6 slots are available for your cards, and this could do a lot of work for your wallet or purse. On the other hand, its overall design is as well very fashionable.

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8. WAWO Samsung Galaxy S6 Case

WAWO Samsung Galaxy S6 Case
If you need some cases in a more simpler design instead, you surely are going to love this WAWO Samsung Galaxy S6 case. Actually, this WAWO has an attractive and unique design from the rest on the market. The main material used to make this case is PU leather, and you can highly rely on its quality for the durability. 2 slots are also made available at its internal wall.

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9. Galaxy S6 Case, Spigen

 Galaxy S6 Case, Spigen
This second last case was made attractively in pink with three card slots for your storage. Additionally, the case is very soft and smooth to touch while it can prevent the phone from any possible scratches easily. As the case was made specifically for the Galaxy S6, you can expect the most secure hold it has for the phone. Needless to say, it is one of the best cases you may find.

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10. Galaxy S6 Case, Verus Samsung Galaxy S6 Wallet Case

Galaxy S6 Case, Verus Samsung Galaxy S6 Wallet Case
Obviously true, this Galaxy S6 case from Verus is one of the few premium products on the market. In addition to his nice design in a very simply way, the case was made up from PU leather, making it extremely smooth and nice to hold. Also, to prevent the phone from scratches, the case was produced with the micro fibre texture for its internal skin. Related to the price, it has been sold in a not too expensive deal.

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