Top 10 Best Sun Shade Sails

Do you enjoy lounging outdoors by your pool in the weekend or going for frequent outdoor adventure with friends and colleagues? If you want to stay cool and shield your skin from harsh ultraviolet radiations, one of the most essential accessory that you should own is a well-built Sun Shade sail. Compared to traditional tents, they are light and travel worthy.

They are also easy to install, made of durable and high-grade fabrics, and have excellent temperature and UV reducing properties, which are beneficial to humans. If you have a few dollars to spend on a new Sun Shade and want value for your money, consider buying one of the following top 10 best brands:

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10. New ProSource Sand Color 16′ Over sized Sun Shade

New ProSource is a sand-colored 16-inch over sized sail shade canopy that is ideal for outdoor usage. It is durable. It is also light, blocks 89-92% of UVA and UVB radiations in the environment, and creates a cool shade that you can lounge in when relaxing outdoors or protect yourself from the elements while exploring outdoors. The heavy-duty polypropylene use to manufacture this sail canopy is durable. It resists the elements (direct sunlight and rainfall) well, has steel D-rings on each corner for easier installation, and a premium, breathable design that creates a comfortable, airy, and well-ventilated resting space. You will not regret buying this high quality canopy.

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9. Cool Area Rectangle 13′ X 19’8” Sun Shade Sail

At 13-inches by 19.8-inches, Cool Area is a well-built rectangular sun shade canopy for creating tons of cool resting space in pool environments and outdoors. The high-density polypropylene (HDPE) fabric used to make it is durable, resistant to harsh environmental elements such as rain and direct sunlight, and comes with a stainless steel hardware kit that eases installation and maintains its shape in high winds. For those that are susceptible to sunburns and or want to lower the risk of melanomas, this patio shade sail not only creates a cool resting environment, but also blocks harsh UVA and UVB radiations by up to 90% for a comfortable and safe resting experience. This canopy is energy saving, fade resistant, easy to wash, and has a 5-year guarantee.

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8. 2nd Generation 16′ X 16′ X 16″ Sun Shade Sail

Unlike in the past when people relied on tents and umbrellas to keep cool outdoors during warm summer months, the development of sun shade sails such as these 16-inch by 16-inch by 16-inch 2nd generation model by Windscreens4less has improved the practice significantly. It is light, travel worthy, and has a novel sail design that works well on patios, driveways, and all other sun-exposed outdoor areas. It is fade-resistant, has finished and strong-stitched seams for maximum durability, and is made of a premium grade sun screen fabric that blocks up to 90% of harmful ultraviolet rays in the environment. This lowers the risk of sunburns and other debilitating skin conditions such as melanomas. This shade sail is affordable and does not pool water.

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7. Phoenix 16.5′ Triangle Sun Shade Sail Home


Phoenix by Phoenix Shade Sails is a large 16.5-inch triangular desert sail kit made of a durable polyethylene fabric. It has durable 6mm stainless steel mounting hardware, sturdy triple stitched corner D-rings that ease installation, and a premium fade-proof coating that also filters up to 95% of harmful ultraviolet rays (UVA and UVB) in the environment. If you travel often and want a high-quality sail shade that will protect you from the elements, this accessory is among the best to buy. It is light and travel-worthy. It is also easy to clean, wind resistant, and attainable cheaply on the Internet.

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6. Windscreen4less 8′ X 12′ Sun Shade Sail Canopy

Talking about the top 10 best sun shade sails reviews in 2015, Windscreen4less sun shade sail is an 8-inch by 12-inch canopy, ideal for use on driveways, patios, and other outdoor environments during camping and hiking escapades. The sunscreen fabric used to make it is not only durable, but also blocks up to 90% of harmful UV rays in the environment. It also creates a cool shade, has sturdy stainless steel eyelets for easier hanging using nylon cords, and finished strong-stitched seams that do not run nor lose their structural integrity in high winds, sunlight, and or heavy rain. This canopy is affordable, allows circulation of refreshing breeze, and does not pool water.

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5. Coolaroo Ready-to-Hang Triangle Shade Sail Canopy

Are you shopping for a new triangular shade sail canopy for regular usage? If you have a few dollars to spend, this triangular ready-to-hang accessory by Coolaroo meets this threshold. It ships pre-assembled and ready to use, has a durable pebble-textured design, and offers approximately 73 square feet of a cool resting space. If you live in a windy environment, the heavy-duty material used to make it is durable and wind resistant. It has well-finished seams, does not pool water, and blocks up to 90% of cancer-causing UVA and UVB rays. Apart from your pool and driveway, you can use this sail canopy at a campsite, picnic area, or a camp without compromising quality.

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4. Cool Area Right Triangle 16’5” X 16’5” X 22’11” Sun Shade Sail

In top 10 best sun shade sails reviews, key attributes that have won this right angle shade sail by Cool Area a permanent spot among the best of the best include: 1) Size – measuring 16.5-inches by 16.5-inches by 22.11-inches, this sail is among the largest in the niche. It generates a lot of cool shade, whilst remaining light and travel-worthy. 2) Durability – The HDPE material use to make this sail is durable. It has strong-finished seams, a fade-resistant surface, and offers sunscreen protection of up to 90% of harmful UV rays. This sail is breathable, affordable, and relatively easy to assemble.

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3. Windscreen4less 16′ X 12′ Sun Shade Sail UV Top Outdoor Canopy

Windscreen4less is a leading manufacturer of some of the bestselling outdoor canopies for lawns, patios, and even camping activities. This Top Outdoor model, for instance, is stylish, measures an impressive 16-inches by 12-inches, and blocks up to 90% of harmful ultraviolet radiations when in use. It is also breathable, does not pool water when rained on, and ships fitted with durable stainless steel eyelets for easier hanging on trees and or poles. Even though cheap, this canopy offers value for money.

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2. Apontus Sun Shade Sail Rectangle UV

With each purchase of this Talentstar Apontus sun shade sail, you get a durable 18-inch-by-18-inch sand-themed rectangular canopy that blocks harmful UV rays reliably. The specially knitted polyethylene fabric used to manufacture it is durable, while its hooked edges ease installation than traditional stainless steel rings. Once installed, it creates a very cool, airy, and well-ventilated resting environment for 20 to 30 people.

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1. Coolaroo Ready-to-hang Triangle Shade Sail Canopy

Ranking first on our list, Coolaroo is a well-built triangular shade sail canopy that measures 13-feet on all sides. It is portable, sets up in minutes, and thus, is ideal for outdoor activities. Its multi-colored design is eye-catching, while its ability to block up to 90% of UV rays and resist mold and mildew has made it a best seller globally.

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