Top 10 Best Trampolines for Sale

Trampolines are fun household accessories that benefit users in many ways. For instance, research has found that children who play on trampolines often are generally of better health that their counterparts who spend their time indoors watching television or playing video games. They keep children and adults active, keeping obesity and other diseases at bay. Trampolines are also social accessories. They help to bring families and friends together during weekends, strengthening relationships as a result. If your kid’s birthday is around the corner and a trampoline ranks high on your list of preferred presents, this article reviews the top 10 best models in 2015 that you will not regret buying. They are functional, safe for daily use, and made of high performance components that offer value for many years.

10. Upper Bounce Trampoline

Featuring a new easy to assemble and disassemble design and a high quality mar manufactured using a premium-quality mesh material; Upper Bounce is a high quality trampoline for kids, optimized for regular usage. It is durable, easy to install, and has durable enclosure poles and a study frame made of rust-resistant, galvanized, and powder-coated steel. Once assembled, this one-of-a-king home accessory offers 16-feet of jumping spaces. The eight rows of stitching used to make its jumping pad improves safety, while its thickly padded safety pad is durable and has double rubber ties for added protection. All parts are durable and well built. It is also affordable and readily attainable online.

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9. Sportspower 84-Inch My First Trampoline

My First Trampoline by Sportspower is a large 84-inch trampoline with a novel modular design that assembles in seconds. It is durable, has patent-pending no-scratch springs that offer hours of quality and safe fun, and comes with a specially designed tool for easier setup. It is ATSM-approved. It is also affordable, has sturdy poles with well-padded foam protectors, and a well-designed safety enclosure that not only keeps bugs out, but also protects users further. Sportspower is affordable. It does not consume a lot of yard space and is built resist the elements.

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8. AirZone Outdoor Spring Trampoline

Designed for use outdoors, AirZone Outdoor is a spring-powered trampoline with a high weight capacity. It is fade resistant. It is also water resistant and has a durable jumping pad that does not tear nor snap easily when in use. AirZone Outdoor spring trampoline is eight feet. It has durable safety enclosure made of padded mesh, four W-shaped legs with eight points of contact, and a no-weld T-joint spring construction for maximum stability and strength. This trampoline is affordable. Its no-tool design assembles in minutes, while the limited one-year warranty offered reflects its high quality.

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7. Stamina Folding Trampoline


As its name suggests, Stamina is a handy folding trampoline that offers adults and children a progressive way to exercise while having fun at the same time. It is compact; folds fast for easier storage, and has a rugged all-steel construction that last long. Once installed, therefore, it will serve you for long without breaking, bending or losing its shape in any way. You also get a durable mat, detachable rubber-tipped legs (6) that do not slip on all surfaces, and a thirty band (each two inches wide) tension resistance system for added strength. This trampoline is affordable, ideal for use in homes and offices, and perfect for regular travel.

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6. Skywalker Trampolines

If you have space limitation or a rectangular lawn that cannot fit a standard round trampoline, This 8 X14-feet model by Skywalker works just as well. It has a sturdy and durable interlocking steel frame made of high quality galvanized steel. It has a green heavy-duty spring pad the resists the elements, a patented and gap-free enclosure design for optimal safety, and 84 thick steel springs that support colossal weight. As such, two or more of your kids can jump on it without compromising its performance of sacrificing safety. This trampoline is rust resistant, affordable, and exceeds set ASTM safety standards.

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5. Super Jumper Combo Trampoline

Super Jumper is a well-built 14-feet trampoline combo designed with the user’s safety in mind. Even though light and easy to assemble, the powder coated galvanized steel used to make its frame is durable, rust resistant, and has a high weight capacity. Its fitted net enclosure is supportive, while its UV-stabilized jumping mat not only resists sun damage, but also has padded springs for optimal safety. This heavy-duty trampoline has a maximum weight capacity of around 330 pounds. It is affordable, installs in minutes, and has a novel, space efficient design.

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4. Zupapa 15 Ft Trampoline


Zupapa is a TÜV-approved 15-foot combination trampoline designed for use in outdoor environments. It is affordable, easy to assemble, and among the most recommended in top 10 best trampolines for sale reviews for its array of innovative features. Its jumping mat, for example, is durable, non-irritant, has a durable springs with safety pads that protect users from injuries. You also get a ladder for easier access, a heavy-duty steel frame that does not buckle under pressure, and a padded enclosure made of quality UV-stabilized polypropylene that does not trap hands or legs of users. You also get a convenient shoe bag and a handy rain cover with each purchase.

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3. ExacMe 12-Foot Trampoline


If you are shopping for a trampoline for your kid(s) and performance and safety rank high on your list of wants, ExacMe 12-foot Trampoline might be the product you are looking for. It has a heavy-duty and rust resistant frame made of high-density galvanized steel. It also has sturdy straps and ropes, a comfortable pad with cushioned springs for safety, and a durable net enclosure that boosts safety further. It has six legs with 12 balanced contact points for stability and a sturdy design with a weight capacity of approximately 280 pounds.

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2. Skywalker 10-Foot Trampoline

A best seller online, this 10-foot trampoline by Skywalker is a professional-grade accessory recommended for children aged six years and above. It has a novel interlocking system that eases assembly. Its reinforced welded T-sockets are stable, while the heavy gauge 5.5-inch springs used to secure its mat generate a super bounce that most of its users find invaluable. You also get a stay-put enclosure.

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1. Skywalker 15-Feet Round Trampoline

This 15-feet round trampoline by Skywalker tops our list of the best trampolines to purchase in 2015. It is stylish, has six W-shaped legs for stability, and a sturdy galvanized steel frame with a weight capacity of approximately 200 pounds. This trampoline is stylish, cost effective, and ideal for everyday usage.

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