Top 20 Best Massage Chairs Consumer Reports

Homedics Air Compression and Shiatsu Massage Cushion

We feel tired after a workout or after a long days work. So what we need to do is to relax. But where are you going to relax so that you regain your strength back? Most people run to go and sleep, but that will not have solved the problem. In fact, when you sleep, you are only relaxing the mind but the rest of the body will remain in distress.

These massage chairs don’t need any human to rub you. It will do you all the work from point A to Z. they have been tested to be safe for use. You can buy them and use them at home, in your barber shops salons or even open a better massage center where you can get all kinds of people flooding in.

The Best Massage Chairs

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20. SHIATSU CHAIR: Special!!!! 2016 Best Valued Massage Chair New Full Featured Luxury Shiatsu Chair Built in Heat True Zero Gravity Positioning with Deep Tissue Masssage


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If you are looking for the best selling chair that is out there, order it from use, and we ship it to you right away. It will come with three years frees electronic parts replacement and steel frame warranty. Unlike other chairs in the market, this one will give you a 30-minute uninterrupted massage. When you have it, you only need to choose heat to toe massage from 5-30 min. This means that you are at liberty to choose you massage time. It has four excellent auto programs that are activated mode, relaxation mode, upper back, and lower back.

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19. Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner

2. Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner

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This Chair has an updated design, function, and features. It features a recovery, refresh, extend, and relax programs with its more than 30 airbags in the heat Intelligent roller system. Massage heads are designed to target the stress relieving points on your heads.

The extensive range of motion allows for the roller heads to reach the tailbone where most chairs lack. If you are fatigued, then it will release all that stress in less than 30 minutes. Buy it also to reduce muscle pain and knots.

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18. Hydraulic Recline Barber Chair

3. Hydraulic Recline Barber Chair

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It has been introduced with a classic styling with a bit of modern flair added to it. It is just the perfect chair for any ideal barber that is out there. If you it, I assure you that your clients will love the luxurious comfort that they will receive from the chair because it is spacious and flush. It has heavy duty components and can recline at 150 degrees. The four pad and a premium chrome base are a clear indication that it will make your work more reliable and functional.

17. Massaging Office Chair

4. Massaging Office Chair

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The chair can heat up so that you have a warm massage. Its unique colored backrest gives your house or office a new look. It has been given four different massage positions in the backrest and two in the front.

It has been given a PVU soft leather that will ensure that you comfort is guaranteed.the durable steel frame can hold up to 300lbs and the smooth rolling casters allow you to move the chair easily.

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16. New Luxury Shiatsu Chair

5. New Luxury Shiatsu Chair

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If you want a new and luxurious chair, I have no doubt that this one will serve your needs entirely. Your new chair will allow you to modify the vertical position of the massager at any point of your back that you wish, up and down, from the subtle back to your neck. For your information, this is a real chair that has a human experience. It has a 3-D detect and four massage functions. It also has a built-in heat therapy in the back. It is a marvelous chair for you because from the minute you turn on the chair and use the auto program; your chairs massage function starts immediately.

15. Built-In Heating Airbag Massage Chair

6. Built-In Heating Airbag Massage Chair

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Top materials have been used to construct this chair. It has been given a shape of a roller chair trail that is designed to support your neck to back and all the way to your sitting apparatus. This position allows each disc of our spine to separate and decompress individually thus allowing nutrients to enter each disc tissue. Through body scanning, the machine can learn where your shudders are and locate them before doing detailed massage in this region. If we compare it to other chairs, you will realize that will give you a detailed humanistic massage. You need it in your place and use it maximally.

14. HomCom Race Car Style

7. HomCom Race Car Style

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This chair can heat up so that you get a warm massage. It is also uniquely colored so that your office or home has a color that will change things there. It has four different back massage positions in the backrest while the seat offers two different massage areas.

You can also customize the height with the gas lift so that it fits any legs. The soft PU leather exterior is there to make sure that the place you sit is comfortable.

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13. Electric Full Body Massage Chair

8. Electric Full Body Massage Chair

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It is destined to offer you complete relaxation time, anytime you need it. It features a unique massage with manual stimulation massage to make you receive a thorough massage always. It back and leg rest can be adjusted so that it fits any user using it perfectly well. The back can be adjusted from 90-170 degree. But the better part is that it comes with a remote control that will make all the operations easy. Its attractive appearance makes it fashionable and generous. Let it sit in your residence and enjoy it.

12. All Purpose Recline Barber Chair

9. All Purpose Recline Barber Chair

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This is a chair that has been designed to do all the imaginable jobs that you might need. The heavy duty hydraulic pump makes height adjustment easier for any user. It has been designed with small cell high-density foam for extra comfort of all your clients. This is a beautiful chair and very sturdy but easy to maintain. When you buy it, it will add class to your places like king or queen.

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11. HT Massage Chair

10. HT Massage Chair

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When you o to buy this chair, you don’t have to choose between function and form because it has all of them wrapped up for you. It will make your back feel relaxed and ease your stress away. It has a strength to it that you will never get from any other chair that is in the market. The pads that you use to hang over at the back of a regular chair are portable with this chair. When you sit on it, you are sure that all you weak point and joints are going to be amended in less than 30 minutes. You can also sit on it when you are tired, and it will relax you out so well.

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